12 August 2017


Going to visit great-grandma!
 2017 week thirty-two

I love to see my kids love on their great grandma. Grandma is so sweet and never seems to get enough of them.

Reading Calvin and Hobbes with Papa while I make dinner. 

The comfortable and preferred way to lounge around. 

Theodore stole his sister's skirt so he could really feel that he had dressed like Moana properly. 

Photo by Vera. What it is like to try to do most anything (but specifically yoga) with kids at home. 

We have the best friends who took Vera to Legoland and the Aquarium last week. 

She was gone all day and had THE BEST time. 

I've never seen a cuter photo. 

We had an all day playdate with good friends while the parents packed up their house. Good bye! We'll miss you up in Idaho. The older kids got to do kid yoga while the little ones napped. 

Vera loves that her hair is getting long enough to do elaborate princess hair. But more often than not she wants it down and in the way and in her food. :) 


Vera renames her giraffe every couple weeks recently she's been smitten with the name Pouncey Giraffsey.
V- "I think Pouncey Giraffsey is a good name. I didnt think of a crazy name this time! I thought of a good name that could even be a human name!"
Me -"I don't know many people named Pouncey Giraffsey."

V-"Pretend I'm six. (The height of her young ambitions) And that my name is Kaya. Why isn't my name Kaya? Can I change my name to Kaya? Why did you name me Veronica. I only like Kaya the best. I'm changing my name. My name is now Kaya."
Me -"I'm not calling you that. But you can call yourself that.

V- "Humph! This is too hard!"
Me- "I don't think so."
V- "Yes! It's as hard as my heart!!!"

Me -"Don't do that. Don't act obnoxious."
V -"I'm NOT a nauseous!"

Theodore has been high pitched Marmot screaming when he doesn't get what he wants. He's also been huffing and stamping and yelling no. Well, he certainly didn't learn that from me and Matthew. It's a lot of responsibility to be the big sister and a good example. And so far Theodore is copying a lot of 4 year old girl sass. 

And sometimes, Vera is just amazing.

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