24 April 2017


Honey Nut Cheerios will send you a free packet of wildflower seeds in a new campaign to help #bringbackthebees Vera and Theo had a really fun time helping me dig up the dirt and worms to plant our little packet.

One afternoon it rained and rained and rained and my sweet little one begged to go on a rainy walk. She delighted in getting soaked to the skin and splashing in every puddle. 

Outdoor play-doh may have been my best idea ever. 

On Friday we went to the zoo with friends. Vera wanted to see the monkeys most of all. Mandrills are made of nightmares. This one was graphically no exception. Terrifying. 

On the monorail. 

Getting soaked in the kids area. Theodore was in heaven. Face first in the water as often as he could be. He'd sit under little water falls and splash and scream and laugh. 


We got to ride on the little train, and my little railway enthusiast thought this was the greatest day of his life. 

And we got to ride the carousel not once but three times.

No end to the joys. Thank you friends for taking us to the zoo. 

In the barrel of stuffed mice at IKEA


"All week until we die" this is how Veronica indicates "forever" As in: Can I keep this all week until we die?"

"I'm playing doctor with Theo. I was a good doctor and poured mud down his back."

Listening to Hamilton with me, "Isn't it funny how they keep saying, 'Well I'll be hammed?'" It was really, "Well I'll be damned."

"What's your name? WHAT'S YOUR NAME? Alexannnnnnnndrrrrrrrraaaaaa!" I'm sure you have NO idea where the inspiration for this derived. Haha. #hamiltonlife

"I just loved that candy. It was so sour to death! Wait, what does death mean?"

I caught Vera naked in bed with her big alligator stuffed animal. 
Me, "What are you doing?"
Vera, "I'm being you and the alligator is my papa."
Me, "Do you mean the alligator is your husband?"
Vera, "Yes, my husband papa."
Me, "Well, why are you naked?"
Vera, "Because sometimes you are naked in bed with Papa. I'm being Lana and this is my husband papa."
Me, "Is his name Matthew?"
Vera, "Is that Papa's name?"
Me, "Yes."
Vera, "My Husband Papa Matthew."

Vera, "I'm going on a date with my husband papa alligator Matthew, so will you watch my kids for 70 80 days?"
Me, "That's a long time."
Vera, "Well, it will be a long date."

"How do you get married for real?"

"I just love my alligator husband. Look at him holding my hands."

17 April 2017


Three quarters of the blondie cousins. 

 2017 week fifteen
Theodore's life currently: trains. 

Dyeing eggs produces one of two feelings: pure joy or pure jealousy. 

I brought Theodore Easter shopping with me. I guess I wasn't watching him closely enough. Suddenly I'm shouting, "Oh no! Theodore!" And the three other moms in the aisle started laughing in commiseration. 

All dressed up for an Easter Egg hunt! 

The local hunt we went to had age segregated hunts and waiting was the hardest part. 

But the petting zoo was so lovely and easter-y. 

One egg was enough for Theodore once he realized what was inside. He lost all interest in getting more. "One in the hand..." is clearly his motto. 

Vera was the sweetest helper opening all his candy for him and she didn't even steal one piece. 

The consummate egg hunt photo. 

The sky was blue and grass was spring green studded with wildflowers and girls in flowery dresses. It was everything you could want on a spring morning for an egg hunt.  

The pea tent is coming along nicely. We had enough by Easter evening to have some with our dinner. 

"Wouldn't you really like to take a photo of Giraffey being silly in this mask?" 

Some days are long and everyone's patience is thin. A mama and littles bubble bath usually makes everything better. 

Swinging on the swing screaming nonsense words at the top of her lungs."Mama! I was shouting French words to the neighbors."

"Rile Kyle Mile Lyle Alice Malice Chalice Walice." A song Vera sung for a full thirty minutes changing the rhyme every few words. But she never ran out of rhymes. 

10 April 2017


2017 week fourteen

There are few things I love more than perfect weather for eating outside and my home and yard simply bursting with people. 

Last Sunday we had family dinner with all of the cousins. Matthew made them all feel like it was a party by providing every child with their own soda. 

We grilled three whole chickens and some corn, had salad and crispy potatoes and strawberry shortcake. In the morning I had made scones for breakfast and they were so perfect we decided right there to make them again for dessert that evening as the base of our strawberry shortcake. 

Even though it had rained and stormed all morning and even though the swing and hammock were soaked, they were enticing enough to keep all nine cousins happily occupied between courses. (Accidental courses since the grill could not handle three whole chickens the way it handled one chicken previously. So chicken came out after salad and veggies. Oops.) 

Also I set out some rosemary parmesan popcorn when everyone arrived. 

And then marshmallows over the fire for second dessert. 

Requisite children in the bluebonnets photo. 

Goldie locks. 

In the hammock part 1: the curl.

In the hammock part 2: those eyes. 

While cousins were in town we tried (kind of unsuccessfully) to join Great Grandma for Bingo Night. All we can say is that the other residents take Bingo way more serious than we anticipated...

More bluebonnet attempts. 

Matt's sister said that trying to encourage her girls to smile for these photos was a bit like trying to explain to an alien what "smiling" means. Also, Theodore's face. He looks like he's having war flashbacks. 

Love in the bluebonnets. Matt's brother and his wife. 

"Do you think I look EXACTLY like Belle? If we went somewhere would something think I am Belle? Doesn't this outfit look just like Belle?" Her imagination and determination for accuracy is so much like mine when I was small. I remember believing quite strongly that when I would sing "A Whole New World" that I sounded EXACTLY like Jasmine. I got frustrated the same way she does if my dress wasn't exact or my hair wasn't exact. She is so much like me in this way. 

All the cousins at the park. This was after Theo took a serious fall from an unknown height. No one saw him climb or fall. We all just heard the thud and the cries. My little one is so strong and courageous, he hasn't yet learned caution. While he was trying to climb out of the basket at Target the clerk said to him, "Your mom would prefer to see you live past this morning, Sit down son." 

Waiting for the color palooza festival to start. 

First stop, face painting with Grandpa. It's not like we don't get our faces painted all the time anyway. It still hasn't lost its novelty on the kids. 

Cousin in the hamster ball. 

She didn't understand the concept and would be pushed until she was up too high and then would fall. Halfway down the track she fell out of the hole, so we decided that was enough. 

She wanted to ride the football so badly until she finally got up there. Then she was terrified. 

Theodore looks like the spirit of summer in this photo. 

Face paint and a corndog. Who could ask for anything more?

Delightful windy breakfast while Papa sleeps in. 
Sadly, we didnt get any photos of ANOTHER set of cousins who came to spend the night on Friday. Vera loved having them to conduct around the yard and through her imaginary world. We had grilled prosciutto and sage and spinach pizza, white bean salad and zabaglione with berries. The weather was perfect. Texas in the spring is idyllic.


"My 'piggy' toe." (pinky toe)

"*Gasp* Jealousy would be a good name for me!"

Theo pointing at the moon, "Moo. Moo."
Me- "Moon. Do you see the moon?"
Theo- "Go. Go."
Me- "You want to go to the moon? Maybe someday little one."

Other words Theo says, "Blahnablah (while sticking his tongue in and out) = Banana" "Car" "Choo choo" "Crazy happy laughter = yes"