22 August 2016


Vera has finally discovered the joy of playing outside. It helps that it has been in the 80s this past week and that she has a dog to chase her around the yard.

2016 week thirty-three

"Why did you run to grab the camera instead of helping me out of here?"

On Wednesday we drove down with Matt's Mom to West, Texas (that's the name of the city not the general direction) to visit Matt's Grandma Dot. 

V was the best during the visit. She was kind to Grandma Dot and was calm and polite. I was so proud of her. It can be hard to visit grandparents when there are no toys, you don't know them, and you're three. 

After our visit we drove a little further south to Waco to visit Magnolia Market. 

V had a lot more fun than she is pretending in this photo.

And this photo. She had a permanent grump face during the more fun part of our trip. She used up all her cheerfulness for Grandma. 

Both of my children were spot on in this photo. Theo, the back of your head is ridiculous.

We had a really fun time walking around Magnolia Market. There were so many neat things to look at. V got to pick a mini bar of soap. She has been very enthusiastic about washing herself during bath time since then. I'll say she's very thorough now. She takes the "repeat as necessary" part seriously. 

She started to perk up in the fairy house teepee.

"Mama, you can't come in here or I can't see the fairies. They wont come out around grown ups."

Hot chocolate snack time with Vera.

Beautiful little thing on a rainy walk.


"Wait Papa, I gotta go dance it out."

I gave Vera a hug and she said, "Look we're stuck together like blocks! We're Lincoln Logs!"

"NO SIR!" (still shouting this at Theodore all the time.)

Every night after I put the children to bed I hear Vera sing "Twinkle Twinkle" to Theodore. I almost cry every time. Unless it's been a difficult bedtime and I'm desensitized to their cuteness.

15 August 2016


I've been experimenting with making baguettes. I know this is technically a "grand batard" but it was very tasty.

2016 week thirty-two

By the end of this week everyone was finally feeling wholly recovered, but I still took very few photos this week.
There were moments this week that were cool enough that we could play outside for a while, and Theodore discovered the magic of our play kitchen.

I could hardly tear him away from it. 

This week some really good friends adopted two sweet boys. We brought them some balloons. It was the happiest 10 minute car ride of my children's lives. 

At dinner the other day Vera interrupted what Matt was saying to look at me and ask, "Mama, remember dating naked?" What?! I've never seen that show, have you seen that show Vera? How do you know about this and why are you bringing it up casually as though we watch it together before naptime every day or something?

We went to the Perot museum this week but I forgot my phone at home so I got no photos of her having a super fun time or of Theodore crying almost the entire time I was not touching him. But I thought it was funny that V kept calling it an "E-museum." She wouldn't stop even when I corrected her. It was stuck in her head that it was an "e-museum" and there was no changing her mind.

Today she grabbed a book and asked if she could read it to me. She grabs my finger and traces it across the page while she jabbers nonsensically, "This is a story called Jasmine and the Light-mares. And they see three pages. And then they see a pony. And then one, two, three. But they couldn't find the crocodile because it was kind of hard to see because it was so far away but they kind of really could see it... etc."

"I have Frida babies in my tummy and Frida will love her sisters. BUT the Frida babies dont have sharp teeth. They have gentle teeth so they can drink my breastmilk."

Me -"We want to go the right way."
V- "Why?"
Me -"Why do we want to go the right way?"
V- "I dont know why we dont want to go the left way."

"I don't want to eat a sandwich. I want to eat something that has flavors in it that I like. We should just go to a restaurant and get a burrito."

V- "What would happen if I would be all crispy?"
Me- "I don't even know how to respond to this question."

V- "Is this a new store?"
Me- "Yes. We've never been here before."
V- "Why is this a new store?"
Me- "How do I even respond to that question? It's a new store because it's new to us because we've never been here before."
V- "Why is it a new store?"

Me- "Do you know what phrase I really like the sound of?"
Matt- "Hail Satan?"
Matt dissolves into laughter and kisses me on the forehead.
Matt- "Put that on your blog." :)

"My mud needs to get a LOT of sleep so the plants will grow."

08 August 2016


Oh that sweet face. 

2016 week thirty-one

Vera and I were sick all week so I took very few photos and wrote down even fewer quotes.

There are always at least two creatures with their faces too close to mine.

On the second day of my sickness Grandma kindly took V away for the morning and let her play with some cousins. 

Danger baby climbs on everything. He is especially intrigued by the dishwasher.

This week was supposed to be a really fun week for us. Nearly every night we had something planned. Wednesday night I was supposed to accompany Matthew to a Guns and Roses concert in Dallas. I couldn't stand up long enough to fix myself anything to eat, so the walking, sitting in hard seats and staying up late aspect of the concert ruled me out. Matt's brother went with him instead. I was really bummed, but I also fell asleep at 9:30, and threw up, so it was probably the best decision really. We also had to cancel dinner with friends and a pool party! But we did get to go to the doctor three times this week! :) 

Once I was on the mend, V started throwing up. But week-o-fun continued for Matthew. He and the young men drove out to Decatur to cast ant hills with aluminum. They finally got a few good sized ones. He deserved to go after taking half a day off to work from home and keep the kids away from me so I could sleep. Bless him. 

Because V was so sick, Theo got to take a bath by himself in the big tub. I think he enjoyed it.


Me- "What did you make?"
V, showing me a play doh blob- "A lamb with no ears and just two legs and then tires that move around and feet that walk."

"NO SIR!" shouted by V almost constantly all day long at Theo, no matter what he's doing. Sigh. 

"This is little ribbon Robin Hood." :)

"My face feels a little bit sad right now."

squealing "I'm just so exciting!!"

Me- "You're hair feels very soft and looks very pretty right now."
V- "Yah, my hair just looks like people's hair."

Me- "V, grab the honey please."
V- "This one?"
Me- "No. Grab the other one please."
V, with the same honey still in her hand - "This honey?"
Me- "No. The other one that's almost empty."
V- "This one?"
Me- "Yes."
V takes both bottles down and brings them to the table.
Me- "Please put this one back." points to the one in her hand.
V- "This one?"
Me- "YES! What honey could I be talking about besides the one in your hand?"
V- "Is this the honey you want me to put away?"
Me- "I quit."

Two things Theo does when I hold him:

1. Pokes his tongue in and out repeatedly licking my arm.

2. Stiffens his legs straight out 90 degrees/Kicks his whole body like a dolphin while completely going limp in the arms. It's very difficult to hold a creature doing this.

Vera reading to herself, "Shovel in the duck and a hammer on the night. Shovel in the duck. Shovel in the duck. Shovel in the duck and a hammer in the night."

01 August 2016


I let them watch a few minutes of Harry Potter this week. Entranced.

2016 week thirty

We finally got our reveal letter in the mail from the creepy package we received a month ago. You can refresh your memory about it here. It was from some friends from our ward, who apparently had a really fun time laughing about how freaked out I was. :) Ha. Ha. 

One evening we decided to just delay bedtime to go get ice cream. Vera was really happy with this decision. One time Matt and I were listening to a comedian who pointed out that the surprise, out of the way, fun activities are the ones your kids will remember. His example was waking up kids in the middle of the night for ice cream party. He said that your kids will remember that forever and yes it's kind of a pain and you really just want to let your kids sleep, but it's truly a small thing that will bring so much happiness. These things are only special though if they are unusual and kids expect a daily grind and routine. So we'll stick to being strict and try to remember to surprise them periodically with something small and fun.  

I didn't take a lot of photos this week, but here are a few fun videos from our week.

Grandma made Vera a knitted crown. This is how Vera showed her appreciation.

Theodore finds it hilarious when I say, "Puddin'" or "Mr. J!" in a Harley Quinn voice. He laughs so hard.

"Mama, I just don't want you to be rough with me. That's number one. And then I don't want. That's number two. And you will use rough hands. That's number three. And number four is please don't use rough hands."

"That doesn't make any sense!" Said every day as her new way of back talking. "Vera, please put that down." "No! It just doesnt make ANY sense!"

"Toots are air."

"Do cats like asparagus?"

"This is my shark finger and this is my rat finger."

V, "Pickle dickle."
Me, "That rhymes! It means the end of the words sound the same, like Hug and Bug. What rhymes with cup?
V, "Hug."
 Matt laughing.
Me, "Up rhymes with cup. What rhymes with bread?"
V, "Corn."
Clearly, we're not there yet. 

25 July 2016


Still working on my baguette skills. Even overdone baguettes are tasty with butter and or jam though so I'm not too disappointed with sub par results.

 2016 week twenty-nine

Theodore's pestering skills, however, are in top form. She's crying in this photo because she's worried he's going to grab her food. 

Friends came over to play outside while I gardened. After 5 minutes of trying to coax them into playing with the sprinkler, I opened the rain barrel hose onto the garden plot I was tilling. They were busy for the next two hours. Best quote from the mud pit. Friend, "Vera, do you like monster trucks?!" Vera, "Uh. Nope!"

Later in the week we drove to San Antonio for Matt's brother's Air Force graduation. V was fantastically well-behaved. Maybe it helped that I forced her to run around the field touching all the display planes before we sat down.

Or maybe it was the oppressive heat that kept her in her seat. Who is inclined to move when it's that hot?

To help her stop whining while walking around downtown San Antonio, we found a flight of pigeons and sent her running into them. She perked up considerably after that.

San Antonio river walk. Beautiful but stressful with a child who knows no fear of the murky water.

The next morning we were in Austin! We spent the night with Matthew's oldest sister. Our trip to Austin started great and got better all the time. We opened our trip by putting the kids to bed and then getting to see all the bats fly out of the bridge. Then we got fantastic thai food from a food truck called Coat and Thai. It was some of the most impressive Pad Thai I've had in a long long time. 

The next morning we got up bright and early and went out on the river (lake?) in the swan boats. Theodore tried to make up for his rough car rides by sleeping the entire time. Uncharacteristically thoughtful and helpful of him. The little girls thought it was just so fun. 

Then we got Voodoo Doughnuts and tried as many silly combos as we could while the little girls just danced and danced.

Before nap we make a quick stop at Hope Outdoor Gallery (or Graffiti city). 

During naps, Matt and I got to have a little date. We went mini golfing and went back to the food trucks for another fantastic meal: turkish kebabs. Worth the wait and the heat. We spent an additional night to trade off babysitting and headed back bright and early Sunday morning -much to Vera's displeasure. She loves her cousins. She spent the whole trip frolicking, giggling, and singing. She was in heaven.

Pretending to drive while we stopped at a gas station to get some snacks. The convenience mart worker told me she hadn't seen a kid come into her store who wasn't whining or crying in a long time and that she was really impressed with Vera's behavior. I have to write these down so the memories of her fantastic behavior blur the memories of the tantrums and screaming and complete naughtiness. 


"Mama, before nap, can Papa and I play Batman? Can we play Batman for 1...hour?"

"Why did the workers leave? Did they leave to take a nap? They took a nap and then they will come back. They always take care of their bodies."

Eating chicken for dinner, "Mama, where is this chicken's urethra? If you see the urethra just drop it in the sink ok?" 5 days later eating chicken strips, "I don't know where this chicken's urethra is. But we can't eat it so if you find it, you need to just take it off and throw it away." (What is happening? Why is she talking about this? Haha.)

Friend, referring to the pit of a peach, "Are you eating the middle part?"
Vera, "No. I'm just eating a peach."

"I'm a new princess! My name is Hella Bella."

At the Air Force Parade they played really bouncy parade band music, "They are playing princess music! Dance with me to this princess music!"

At the restaurant with all the family for lunch, I gave Vera half of my veggie enchilada, but all the cousins had chicken and french fries, "Mama, can you please go get that lady? You need to tell her she forgot to bring me my food like chicken and french fries."

"I'm sure that will be extra!" Lately I've been trying to teach V about doing extra jobs to earn extra things -like jelly beans. But now she asks if everything is extra. "I pooped on the toilet. I'm sure that's extra." "I ate my dinner. I'm sure that's extra." "I didn't hit Theo. I'm sure that's extra." No V, these are normal things you must do. You don't earn jelly beans just for doing what you're supposed to do.