18 March 2018


Sunday afternoon working in the garden with my goblins.
2018 week eleven

On Tuesday, my kids decided they had had enough of early spring or late winter or whatever this is and they decided to play "Mexico." They got out their swimsuits and sat in the sand box and pretended to be at the beach.

This style. Socks with sandals, mis matched hood to jacket... I'm not sure about this. 

Waiting for dinner at Marty B's involves pretending to rope and ride a bull.

Veronica learned how to tie her shoes last week. In one day! I was so impressed. Maybe this is normal but I remember it taking my brother months to be successfully consistent. She figured it out after I showed her twice. Clever little thing. The novelty wore off after three days and now she is trying to figure out how to tie her shoes in such a way so that she can slip them on and off and never have to tie them again. 

I didnt realize what she was wearing when I was rushing us out the door for a last minute walk. For her part, she was thrilled. The push pops helped. Most of Theo's melted straight into his sandals. The next day he peed in those sandals, so I guess they're all set for summer. 

At a new park. 

Our neighbors found a couple of abandoned bikes and brought them home for us! One is perfect for V, and one is big enough for everyone to grow into! It was such a sweet surprise. V really wanted a bike for her birthday and I was annoyed with how much Target wants to charge for one. Free is clearly better. Plus now I don't feel bad about leaving it outside and letting them beat the bikes up. Learning how to ride the bike though is proving to be a challenge: the biggest challenge of her four year old life. 

Friday night V and Theo got to have a Grandma sleepover. First stop was dinner with Great Grandma. 

The day before I was crying in the grocery store because of how put out and stretched thin I have been lately. The break was much needed and so refreshing. It's shocking how beautiful your kids are when you are taking a break from them. 

So much ice cream with Grandma. 

The best lunch date ever for them. Chicken, ice cream, and play place. 

Saturday morning Matt and I cleared our backyard and sweated in the sun for hours. We wrapped up the night with the annual corned beef and cabbage dinner with some good friends who brought tasty treats, and watching the original Jesus Christ Superstar (getting ready for Easter, amiright?). But the absolute best part of St. Patricks day is the next morning with corned beef hash and black coffee. It's my favorite breakfast of the entire year. I brought out the pickled beets this year as accompaniment. Good decision.



If you end a question with "huh?" Theo will answer back, "Huh."
Me: "That wasn't the best idea, huh?"
Theo: "Huh."

"Jack be normal, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the CANDLESTICK!"

"Humpty Dumpty had a great wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses, all the kings men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back on the wall."


"at middly" = "immediately"

"Wow! Isn't it so wonderful that there is a spider in our house?!"

"My shoes are red like blood -or lipstick!"

11 March 2018


Waiting for a local production of Peter and the Wolf

2018 week ten

The wolf was fantastic! The whole show was so fun and the kids were enchanted.

First stop: Meet the wolf. V decided she definitely wanted to dance the wolf part when she is old enough. 

Wacky Wednesday hair for school with a "Quacky" face.

I love breakfast part 1: Daily fare -tea, an egg, yogurt with fruit, and some sort of bread (banana bread here).

I love breakfast part 2: Family affair -biscuits and gravy request from Vera and coffee and hot chocolate. 



"Wow, she used her cup like a real gentleman!"

We were talking about rough language and when it is/isn't appropriate and how you need to moderate your thoughts so rough language doesn't build up and slip out, this was her response:
"Yeah, sometimes I just think in my brain that I want to punch and punch and punch and kick and punch and hit Theo so badly; all the time I think this."


"Jack in turn" = "Jack-o-lantern"

"Mama, please. Need you. Snuggle me! Put a spell on my room! Too dark! Scared! Please!" Theo thinks if he can think of enough things to say quickly as we're leaving the room saying goodnight that he'll trick us into staying all night with him. Also, I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a witch. :)

04 March 2018


Theodore snuggling a puppy and Uncle Scott
2018 week nine

My Dandelion Prince. He's in heaven with the sunny yellow and white heralds of spring popping up everywhere.

All the creatures waiting for snack.

Caution: Poop photo ahead. You've been warned.

The Proud Boy and the Giant Poop.

Putting the creatures to work. They had a lot more fun than expected. It always seems to be that way. Maybe they understand inherent worth and value of actual tasks and don't want to be patronized with lesser chores? 

I suppose we have enough firewood for a home with no fireplace...

Morning pancakes and pigtails. 



A poem by Vera. My little poetess writes at least two a day.
"Stars in the heart. Tonight a spider will 'Hey' to my Mama."

"Instrumentster" = Musician

"Eenie meenie minie mo, we have a Mama and a ho"

V saw what a thong looked like and said, "Uhm. Those panties will show your bun."
Me -"Yep."
V- "Why?"
Me -"That's how they are made."
V -"Those are not very polite."
Me -"People wear clothes over them so no one has to see their bun."
V -"Hmm." Disapproving look.


"That's dangerous?" To every even remotely suspicious looking person or thing in books or real life.

Me- "Be still so The cat will come to us."
In a teasing voice, T -"Uh oh! I'm moving!!!!!"

25 February 2018


Out for hamburgers during a brief break in all the rain this week.

2018 week eight

Theo's hair is getting a little long. 

He wanted me to take a photo of him holding this balloon but he wouldn't hold still long enough and he also wanted to see the photo before it was even taken.

Vera was really mad about this outfit. I get to choose one outfit a week for preschool and she hated this one. She was in tears about it. I'm really mean. I made her wear it anyway. 

We helped Papa with balloons and face painting for a local boy scout blue and gold meeting. The kids had so much fun with all the circus activities.

On Thursday Matt and his dad and his sister and her husband and I went down to Dallas to see Dan Auerbach in concert. It was a really good concert even if it was a standing room only concert and it made me feel old as I was creaking around on my sore feet the next day. 

V got to go roller skating with all the cousins. She had so many glory stories of crashing. She had the best time. 

All the cousins were fantastically behaved while we got some professional photos taken with Grandma and Grandpa. We were all very impressed and they definitely earned the ice cream and hamburgers afterward. 


Veronica's cousin recently lost a tooth, and then lost it. When they found it V gasped in amazement,  "You've GOT to show my mama. She would LOVE it!" Haha. Why does she think I love baby teeth? :)

V- "Mama. I am so hot. I am soaking hot."
Me -"What does soaking hot mean."
V- "Sweaty."
Ok, yeah, well obviously...

We've been telling V stories about a play doh friend named StarHeart. All the stories revolve around V getting into a tricky scrape and StarHeart transforming herself into something useful to help V escape. She loves the stories and plays with play doh a lot more now. 

V has an "air friend" who is named "Salty" because he's white. But you can only see him if you scratch your finger on the couch and it turns white for a second. 

18 February 2018


Watching the tree trimmers cut down our huge tree.
 2018 week seven

Mardi Gras. Theo found the baby in the King Cake. 

He was nice enough to let Vera have his crown. 

Valentine's Day morning surprises from Papa: flowers, chocolates, and silly notes. 

My Valentine's day present: a new fancy coffee press. Look how little grit was in the bottom of the pot! Beautiful.

Superhero day at Preschool.

Vera on the swing with some cousins. 

Mother with sleeping child. Look at his beautiful rosy cheeks.

Sunday morning breakfast with wiggly sticky little cousins: almond croissants, toast with hagelslag, jam, or cheese and ham, bacon, fruit, and juice.



We will bring them chocolate because we love them.

V: When I'm a mama I'll let my kids do whatever they want without having to ask.
Me: Wow. You'll have very responsible kids; how will you teach them to be so responsible?
V: Please stop talking about this. I'll figure it out when I'm a mama. I can't figure this out when I'm only four.

V: I'm just full of laughter and funness!
Me: Well you're going to have to chill it out.

Playing "Oh My Darling Clementine" with Theodore: I'm going to drive my ducks to the water and fall in now. 

When Luna comes and sits at the table with us Veronica always laughs and says, "Luna is saying, 'Excuse me, where is my breakfast?!'"

Sometimes I call Luna "Catnip" and the kids have recently started calling her "Cute Nips."