21 January 2018


Veronica was really upset that I picked these Gladioli instead of pink carnations. Sorry love, I made the right decision. These beautiful orange flowers make me smile every time I pass them. Also, sweet boys face in the mirror.

2018 week three

New bedtime and naptime strategy. Which means these toys just live in the hallway now. 

Veronica brought home ice cream after school on Wednesday. She ran in and asked me if she could save it for after nap so she could share it with her brother. She can be very sweet sometimes. Currently she's screaming at him for stealing her play-doh.

The other week Veronica asked me when her school would teach her how to peel an orange in one piece. I told her she would just learn on her own when she practiced enough. She was so very proud when she finally figured it out. 

I had Thursday and Friday off and an extra car, so it was fun Mom day for two straight days. On Thursday I took Theo to an Asian supermarket which was more fun than any theme park for me. Then we all went to a Japanese dollar store. Friday morning we walked to the donut store.

Then we went to Costco for lunch.

We got ALL the samples. Then a few more errands and a long nap.
We finished the day with a chilly and windy afternoon at the park.
Luna loves us. Look how sweet she is enduring the pestering. My favorite park of this photo is Theo holding her tail against his cheek.

She's such a good kitty. 

Saturday a very warm wind blew in and we were jacket less and barefoot for most of the afternoon.

Theo finally got to experience the sandbox without shoes and mittens full of sand. 

Kouglof for Sunday breakfast. Recipe Here

Matthew: "What kind of books will you read me when you're older?"
Veronica: "I won't read you any books."
Matthew: "Why not?"
Veronica: "When I can read you'll be dead."

Me: "Veronica you will be such a good mama some day."
Veronica: "I won't yell at my kids."
Me: "You don't think you'll ever yell? Really?"
Veronica: "Well I'll try really hard not to, just like you do."


"I wish my Papa was Santa Claus."

"I use this tool to get all the kidneys off it it. I'm making chicken with no kidneys." Mmm. My favorite.

"Mmm! I like hot dog burps!"


"Ooh I'm naked I'm naked!"

"NO! I want to see my penis!"


"You can thank your lucky stars that I want chips and salsa at 1040 at night." Because of Matthew's bad habit, he noticed that my kouglof was over rising and prevented a surprise bread explosion in the morning.

14 January 2018


Theodore has learned to tell time. One time. 11:00. Lunch time. My ever-hungry hobbit child has discovered a correlation between the clock and food. And he's not shy to scream at me "ELEVEN A CLOCK! LUNCH TIME MAMA!"
2018 week two

Veronica learned all about snowmen (a foreign concept here in Texas) at Preschool and has been devotedly decorating snow sculpture drawings ever since. 


Singing while digging through legos, "C3PooooOOOOOOOOOOoooo C3PoooooOOOOOOOOoo."

"Crossword letters" = "Cursive letters"

After I mopped the floor he threw Veronicas cup of hot chocolate on the floor because she prevented him from stealing her bag of fruit snacks. Then he attempted to empty his baby toilet into the big toilet. Attempted. As I'm wiping up urine from the floor he's dancing naked in the doorway chanting, "Love YOU Mama! Love YOU!"

"Not so much birdies. Went to Mexico. Yeah. Bye Birdies."

Sometimes bedtime is rough. To make up for this, and to hopefully leave the evening on a sweeter note, Matthew will steal into their beds when they are almost asleep or just asleep and whisper nice things to them. It's very tender.

07 January 2018


Happy New Year! 
2018 week one

Theo's face is too funny in this photo, and Veronica's face is too beautiful. My goodness. But the best part of this photo is the plate piled high with beignets. 

My reading buddy. 

The new cool way to ride in the grocery basket car. 


We've all been so stuffy and miserable for so long that I really wrote nothing down this week. But we are finally all feeling better (even though Theo's nose is still a leaky faucet).  So here's to the new year!

One thing from Theodore. He asked Veronica if she would please play "Making Christmas" on the piano. Coincidentally, "Carol of the Bells" utilizes the same notes as "Making Christmas" from Nightmare before Christmas. Veronica can play those three notes like nobody's business and Theo loves it. But here's how he asked:

"Roaca! Pinano! Play Making Chiffus. Please. Pinano. Help. Play."

Veronica has recently become very enamored of the "On Top of Spaghetti" song. She has never heard such a silly song and she thinks it's hilarious.

30 December 2017


We had a full table of my grandmother's china for Christmas Eve dinner. It was a pleasure to set each setting and clean each plate and bowl at the end. 

Matt's dad and brother contributed homemade sushi for the feast. 

It was "Texas-style" apparently. 

We made crying tiger beef, pork potstickers, coconut shrimp, snow peas, edamame, and various sauces and fixings. Every bite of every dish was fantastic. What a delightful Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends. (The kids got pizza.) 

Christmas morning Santa Claus came to Grandma's house and filled our stockings. 

Despite V being sick, it was a lovely slow morning. 

We got to facetime with the current family missionary in Philadelphia as well. 

Our stocking spoils. I guess the word got out that we like bath bombs or something. 

A quick hot chocolate date with this little bug.

Veronica- "This was just a no good terrible Christmas because I threw up. But anyway there were presents."

Veronica- "Will there be days and time and Wednesdays when the earth is dead?" I did not know how to answer this one.

Theodore- "Papa raisin. Ow. Ow. Cut me. No touch Papa's raisin." razor. Haha.

Theodore- "I ask Papa. Papa get my balloon." We had a tragedy moment when Theo's balloon flew out of the car and away. Several onlookers passed us their condolences behind thinly-veiled smiles. Theodore's faith in his Papa's ability to get it back just crushed my heart. 

Me- "Theodore you need to calm down."
Matt- *laughing*

24 December 2017


Drizzly Monday night carriage ride in Dallas to look at the fabulous Christmas lights. There were 17 of us in that wagon. Poor Max (the horse) had his work cut out for him. V and Theo loved the lights and being there with so many cousins and aunties and uncles. It was so fun.

2017 week fifty-one

Veronica brought home the absolute cutest little Christmas ornament. I am in love! 

Veronica's preschool Christmas program was so tender and darling. Unfortunately I had to run out in the middle to throw up outside and kick off two days of food poisoning. :(

Theo took really good care of me when I wasn't feeling well. 

Luna did too. 

Thursday night was our 7th anniversary. We went to a fun little deli called EatZi's and then to Half Priced Books to pick out our calendar for next year. I'm so glad to be married to someone who is so easy to like. Seven years ago I thought I liked him a lot. I was wrong, and I see that now. Compared with now, I feel like I hardly even knew him. Hopefully in seven years I'll feel that way again. 

For our wool and copper anniversary I bought Matthew a monogrammed wool scarf. He added to my collection of interesting candles,

And he made me a copper ring out of a penny! What a fun evening. 

To round out the week, V got sick again on Christmas Eve. She felt a bit betrayed and that she was being robbed of her Christmas. After a night snuggling her with a 102 temp, her fever finally broke during a morning of snuggles and Puffin Rock. 

Grapefruit marmalade. It is very tasty but marmalade is a much more involved process than I realized upon initiation. It was worth it this time, but I'm not sure there will be a next time. 
Merry Christmas!

Theodore calls Matt's brother "Aunt Jacob." :)

Veronica: "CHRISTMAS IS THE FUNNEST PART OF THE YEAR! DANG IT! WHY AM I SICK?! (This was really said at top volume and accompanied by many stampings of foot.)

Theodore laughing, "Look Roaca! Muffins in the water! *hahahaha* Muffins in the water! Look! ROACA! *HAHAHAHA*" Puffin Rock has been a big hit around here this week with everyone taking turns feeling ill. Theo keeps calling his possums "Muffins" now and talks nonstop about the "Muffin Show." It's very funny. But Veronica keeps reminding me not to encourage it so he can learn the real word. :)