18 November 2017


Afternoon tea and fruitcake and perusing cookbooks with my bug.
2017 week forty-six

On Tuesday night, Matthew and I went to a concert to see Alt-J. We had such a fun time, but we clearly need to up our selfie game. Or at least one of us does...


On Thursday I got to go watch Vera's Thanksgiving performance. It was ridiculously cute. 

Theodore sunning himself on the windowsill waiting for everyone to be ready to leave. 

Grocery shopping takes so much longer when your kids decide to be wild animals and insist on crawling through the store. I'm glad no one's fingers were smashed. 

Saturday afternoon we went downtown for the Holiday Stroll. Free hot chocolate, petting zoo, train rides, etc.

A sassy pose is the best way to enjoy hot chocolate. 

On the train ride! 

We waited in a long line for the "reindeer launch." The two harnesses set up for adults were left empty for most of the time, so Matt and I decided to take a turn while the line slowly inched forward. It was so fun. Even when I landed on my face attempting to flip. Hah. The second and third flip went a lot smoother. 

And then there are some of us who are natural acrobats. A little boy in line said he was just like Spiderman. 

It was absolutely worth the wait for this little one. 


V-"There's not even a whisper of light!"

V- "Have you ever seen a cliff in this world?"
Me- "Yes. I've seen very tall cliffs that are white."
V- "Did you jump off them?"
Me- "No."
V- "Why wouldn't you jump off the cliffs?"
Me- "I didn't want to die."
V- "How would you know that you would die?"
Me- "If you jump off a cliff you will probably die."
V- "And break your leg."

T- "Sun. Bed. Dark. Eat Sun Dinner." Translation: The sun went to bed and now its dark. The sun is probably eating dinner."

T- "Water" (otter) "Howl" (owl) "Penguin Bear" (panda)

12 November 2017


Theodore pretending to sleep with his possum in a boot box.  
 2017 week forty-five

Little Frida-deeda. She is living with her mom again and hopefully she is much happier there. 

Theodore wanted to look as fancy as V for about as long as it took me to take his photo then he ripped it off. 

Little Theo on the swing on a cool cloudy day. Poor Veronica wasn't in any photos this week; she probably never stood still long enough for me to take any photos of her. 

In truth my phone lay rather neglected this week. I took few photos and wrote down even fewer quotes.

Things Theodore says that are confusing: "Tend" = "Pretend" but sounds almost identical to "Tren" which is "Train." "Wheeo" can mean either "Wheel" or oddly "Frog. "Guck" = "Yuck" but also "Dark" and sometimes "Duck" "Cuck" = "Clock" but sounds an awful lot like "Guck" and sometimes when said fast sounds like "Caca" (which is Veronica) and also means "Truck." And "Caca" can also mean "Tractor." He's all about the context.

V- "Did I eat a fruit leather yesterday?"
Me - "No. I don't think so."
V- "Hmm. Then why is there a wrapper in the trash?"

V- "Why is that cardinal not letting the other birds eat? He must be really hungry." I didn't want to break it to her that he was probably just a jerk, like the bigger animals usually are in nature.

05 November 2017


Two little kitties ready for trick-or-treating! 

2017 week forty-four 
Our neighborhood was pretty lame. Most houses did not answer their doors. Those who did were very generous with their candy. But it was a lot of walking for a lot of closed doors. They still got more than enough candy though.

Also, a little kitty followed us almost the entire time we were outside. She wanted to be part of our little kitty family, I guess. After trick-or-treats we ate too much candy and watched a halloween movie. I let Veronica pick, and I was so proud that she picked Hocus Pocus. She loves it almost as much as I do. :) 

On Thursday we went to my nieces' school to watch a class play about bones. My niece had a solo! Vera was starry eyed and enamored. She whispered to me, "I wish I could be her so I could sing in a play." And I was in tears because there is something about elementary-aged kids who are so capable and helpless at the same time (The boy who played the "Pelvis" had his shoes untied.) that definitely reduces me to tender tears. They were so sweet. 

I found a beautiful circa 1850 cabinet on craigslist. It was delivered on Saturday and I love it. It was surprisingly much more beautiful in real life than in the photos. And bigger. And in every way just perfect. I'm so pleased with this find.   

I cant wait to put my grandmother's china in this cabinet. 

Warm Sunday mornings are for playing at the park. Poor Theo had a hard time breaking out of his shy shell to go play, and then he made the foolish decision to stamp on an ant hill. That's when we had to leave. 

Vera has been interested in "milk maid" braids lately. Her hair is just barely long enough for it. She feels so fancy.

When Theodore uses the toilet he gets candy. When he doesn't have to go he likes to tell me, "No pee. No candy. No candy, no cry." Then I end up singing "No candy, no cry." to the tune of "No Woman No Cry." 

V- "Yuck, what is that smell out here."
Me- "It's cat poop. Cats like to poop in my front garden bed."
V- "That's it. I don't want any cats in this world."

"Mama's don't like to have to wash things. They just want to spend time with their kids." Sobbing. YES! YES! So please stop spreading dirt and crumbs around! 

"I don't want to eat this. It tastes like a tarantula."

V playing with cars outside in the dirt, "There's too much dirt in Mexico, I wish I was in America."

29 October 2017


Ghostie sugar cookies. Matthew remembers just how much he loves me when I make sugar cookies. 
2017 week forty-three

My big handsome boy.

Family of Cats for our Halloween costume this year. 

We let the kids wear their cat costumes to Costco. They reveled in all the attention everyone gave them. They felt really good about how cute they were. 


"Mama, please stop saying that. It makes me feel sick in my heart."

"If you say something funny at a person you don't like you can just tease them and tease them until you become friends with them!" Veronica on how to make friends. 

23 October 2017


Old photo of baby Matthew and his older sisters. I can see Vera and Theo so clearly in his face. 

2017 week forty-two 

Theo's crazy hair is growing back in. It comes pre-rumpled and ready to run your hands through. 

Vera decided that this pacifier was horrible after 20 minutes of begging to play with it. 

Vera was so happy that it was her turn to bring home the class pet "Lucky" from preschool this past weekend. 

Oma and Grandpa John came for a visit and we all went to the State Fair of Texas. 

Vera got a caricature done.

She wasn't really sure how she felt about it. I think he did her hair and her little spiky eyebrows perfectly. 

Matthew got attacked by the Ostrich.

Theo's favorite part of the fair.
Vera and Oma

Waiting in line for the Ferris wheel.

But being on the Ferris Wheel is never very fun for me. I always think I can beat my fear but I haven't been able to yet.

View from the top.

Lucky got to go to ballet class with V! 

Swinging with Oma 

Morning hammock time with Mama. 

We went up to Denton one day to walk around and see the sights. 

Handsome boy on the court house steps. 

We got some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted at Beth Marie's. The green tea ice cream was fantastic. 

On the last day we all got some Barbecue at the old Sonny Bryans restaurant in Dallas. It has been standing for over 100 years. 

They still know what they're doing. Delicious. 


Vera - "This earth is our planet for our whole lives!"
Me - "Yeah you cant really go live on other planets. We have to stay here and take care of it. But you can go visit other planets if you are an astronaut."
Vera -" Or if you go on vacation. Like when we go to Mexico!"

"Tomorrow at preschool I'm going to be smoochy. Theo, do you want a big wet smooch?"

Singing while stroking my hair, "The ocean waves will tickle your cheeks. The ocean waves are fine. They're in Mexico. The ocean waves will carry you to sleep and your hair is soaking wet. Theo will come snuggle you when you're asleep. The ocean waves will come and brush your hair. We are so process. Your hair will be so shiny from the chicken we all ate. The chicken to make you healthy. These are the things we do."

Theo - "A cup Mama?" (Wake up)
Vera - "No she needs to sleep so she can be a nice mama. Let me put some dream oil on you."

"Sometime I'll just be standing on that chair and I'll be singing through my heart and into your heart!"

I popped an old balloon to throw it away and I sucked in some helium to show the kids my silly voice, "Is that REAL MAGIC, Mama?"