05 December 2016


I tried to make Vera a little more excited about Preschool this week by giving her a special lunch bag. 

2016 week forty-eight

We started our advent calendar. This year I bought some drawstring bags from Target and painted numbers on them. I filled them with chocolates or small presents and everyone gets a turn. It's one of my favorite ways to celebrate Christmas. They act as a reminder each morning that it's the Christmas season and we should try to do something kind for someone else that day.

It has been quite chilly lately but Vera slowly removes clothes all day until she is running around naked or in a wispy scrap of fabric. She doesn't really complain though. I wonder how she's not freezing. 

Vera has started to draw people with a lot of detail. I love to see her purposefully drawing pupils and ears and hair. I love them so much. 

One afternoon while Theo was napping V and I took a candlelight bath. I used to love taking candlelight baths when I was little and the magic was not lost on her. 

Cinnamon raisin french toast with cherry jam and tea for breakfast. V loves when I light the Christmas pyramid during breakfast. 

We made slime one day when some friends came over. The girls played, completely absorbed, for over an hour with the stuff. I'm glad we intervened at the hour mark. It took almost as long to get this stuff out of her hair... "But Mama I was wearing a beautiful crown!"

My sweet creatures. 

We made sugar cookies this week. I'm sure you cant tell which ones (with piles of sprinkles) Vera decorated. 

Then they dropped sprinkles all over the floor and Vera requested I let her clean them up like a puppy. She requested I say, "C'mon puppy, clean it up!"

Something has happened over the last couple weeks and V and Theo have clicked. They run around the house playing together all day. They make enormous messes, but I love hearing them laugh and play all day. 

We were playing cards with Vera the other night and when she saw this one she said, "This card looks just like Grandpa Dean!" :) I'm sure Grandpa doesn't mind that "The Strong Man" resembles him. 

"The world is not about closing the windows it's about opening the windows!" Said to herself as she was playing under the table.

Me- "No more sprinkles Vera. Please back away."
V- "I'm not eating them. I'm just standing here thinking about sprinkles."

"Our nativity is moaning." She said this as the batteries were running out on our toy nativity.

28 November 2016


One morning it was cold enough that Theo had to wear is baby camo bunting to go outside to play. When I dress him in the morning it includes shoes because the first thing he does it head outside when I let the dog out. And he'll stay out there for hours happily, until the minute I shut the door and then he's banging on the glass to get in.

2016 week forty-seven

Harry Potter Day at the library! Critterman brough Harry Potter themed animals. I'm not sure what his rationale was for this possum though. I've never seen the library so crowded. It was so fun, except when Theo threw his sippy cup of milk at someone and it splashed all over that stranger. I'm so so sorry. 

Barn Owl

Burmese Python. I love the look on the kids faces behind him! Haha.

Vera got a lightning bolt tattoo.

Then she made a quill pen and colored a cornish pixie coloring page. 

Harry Potter Trivia! 

I entered the costume contest: Wizard trying to dress like a muggle.

Then Vera got to make a wand. This was how she posed for the photo. I asked her if she could please smile, and this is what she gave me:

As fake as fake could be. :) 

Wednesday afternoon baking Thanksgiving pies. I let V and Theo eat the extra coconut cream pie filling. 

I'm outside shaving the dog, V is dressed like a cat, and Theo is complaining that we didn't give him his milk in a bottle.

Silly headband Grandpa brought back from his business trip. 
Veronica chose her own accessories for this family photo. This is a 100% true to life depiction of her at any given moment.

Thanksgiving dinner! 

The kids table. 

My beautiful girl on the swing. 

Post dinner family photo. Looks lovely enough, look closer:

Veronica really knows how to ruin a photo. 

Friday night we went camping with a few other families. The weather was gloriously cool, our mattress topper turned camping pad was very comfortable, but neither of my children slept very much. V decided that 3am was morning (WHAT IS WITH HER?) and Theo moaned and tossed all night. 

But when we let them out of the tent, they were the happiest of campers, truly. 

V got to pick out a new hat and gloves combo for the trip because she outgrew her old gloves. She picked pink and princesses. 

Cold and frosty morning.

Bagels for breakfast was the best idea. They were so quick to toast over the flame, and I hardly had to wait for the fire to really get going. I'll definitely do this again next camping trip. Veronica talked non stop for the next two days about how much she loved and just wanted to go back to "Campsite." 

Naked peeking on neighbors Christmas lights before bath and bed.

I roasted a turkey for the first time. (My stove light makes everything weird colors in photos.) Because why settle for only one Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving week? :) 

We read The Gingerbread Man book at least 10 times on Sunday, so we ended up having to make gingerbread cookies.


Whenever I ask V to take a few more bites during a meal:
Me- Vera, please take a couple more bites. At least two.
V- How about I just take five more bites?

"Oh my gosh Giraffe! I just LOVE weddings!"

*Gasp* "This garlic is so beautiful and white like beautiful milk." Only my daughter shares my deep admiration for garlic.

Separating eggs for pies.
Me- I put the yolks in this bowl because I need them for the pies.
V- What about this part? The whites.
Me- I don't need the whites for this pie, so I'll keep it in the tupperware.
V -Then can I drink the juice from the eggs? THE WHITES!!!! She wanted to drink the egg whites!

In other news Veronica has been very 3 and very naughty lately. Deep breaths. Boundary Pushing. It has a name. Remind yourself. She's just making sure you're serious about what you say and that she's safe inside the boundaries you set. Deep breaths.

Theodore stuck his cookie to his face and thought it was grand.

21 November 2016


2016 week forty-six

Well she's big enough for the Ikea kid area. And she loved it! It helped that there was a ball pit, but to be honest it was probably the fact that they were showing Frozen while she was in there. 

Eating a pomegranate- taking bites out of it like an animal. 

Magnolia wreath. I'm so pleased with how this turned out. Thank you to the neighbor down the street with the huge magnolia tree. 

Kitchen eucalyptus and cinnamon pine cone wreath. 

We visited Aunt "Mike" at her work the other day and Vera got to play dress-up "wedding girl." Theo got to pound his head against all the mirrors. I'm really sorry to whomever has to clean up all the finger and face prints on those mirrors.

Less fun activity was Vera's first trip to the dentist. She's been with me to my appointments since she was born and I always had her sit on my lap at the end to get "checked" to make this a normal experience for her. Unfortunately, sometimes well-meaning children's books about getting over fears serve to do nothing more than teach the kids they have things to fear. So after reading "Vera Goes to the Dentist," my own Vera was terrified when it came time to sit in the chair. She was screaming and flailing and tried to run away nearly hysterical. The hygienist was amazing though and was so slowly patient with V and eventually she was able to have a full check up and was happy about it.  The hygienist gave Vera a bag of "dentist dress up" to take home! (mask, gloves, suction tube head) She even skipped down the hall to get her prize out of the treasure chest. When we left, however, she only remembered how horrible she felt initially. All those years of grooming her for happy dentist visits were dashed against one book. 

Matching bone jams. 

"I'm a butter monster! I'm a butter monster!" (shaving cream)

While Matthew was gone I tried letting V sleep in my bed with me. And to repay my generosity, she woke up at 3am insisting it was morning and didn't go back to sleep until 430am. Theo woke up less than 2 hours later, but V slept in late. So my boy and I got to enjoy a cool morning outside together with tea and milk.

Perfectly swirled cinnamon walnut bread.

Matt put this bow in his hair, much to everyone's delight. 

Unless Theo is trying to tackle Vera, they are very dear friends. 

When Theo sees something soft, like a stuffed animal, he wants to clutch it to his chest and whisper something that sounds like "Deedle deedle deedle." When we were walking through Ikea he would point at the sheep skin rugs or the dusters and say, "Deedle deedle deedle." We thought this was unusual and funny until we realize that is what we say to Frida when we are snuggling her. We clutch her to our chest and say, "Oh Fridel deedle deedle!" Hah.

"I'm not going to put too much pepper on my egg like Hickabod Crane."

"I'm going to put this bean in my tummy. *GASP* He's in my tummy and now he's a normal baby! His name is going to be paw patrol like a normal baby."

Theo grabbed Vera's World Market flyer out of her hands and ripped it in half. Sobbing. Soul wrenching (on her part, I was laughing- quietly) sobbing ensued. "Theo RUINED Mousie's birthday! That paper was for her birthday and he RIPPED IT and RUINED the WHOLE day!"

Veronica absolutely loves free handouts and business cards. She begs for any and all types at any and all stores. Her pockets are stuffed full of them when we leave the doctors office.

"I got new toothpaste from the dentist and it tastes like Bum Gubble!"

"We can't play at the park when we're not wearing panties. I'm just a silly child."

'This is my book. It's called "The Biggest Ever Crumb" or sometimes I call it "Crumbkin." 'She talks a lot about this imaginary book she's written.

Theo's first word is "Hot." He points at the lights all the time and questioningly intones, "Huuuuuuuah?" I'll say light and sometimes he does a quick swooping gasp afterwards. I didn't understand what this was. But then the other night I was lighting a candle and he again said, "Huuuuuah? *Gasp*" and flung his hand back. I realized that a few nights earlier I had pretended to touch the flame and then gasp and fling my hand back while saying, "Hot!" He's getting better at pronouncing "hot" but it's mostly a gasp still. When I gave him hot eggs the other morning he touched them and swoopingly gasped "Hot." It's very cute.

He insists upon having a book to read in the car because V always has one. Currently it's Each Peach Pear Plum and I have to wrest it from his fingers every time I try to unbuckle him and take him out of the seat.

A few weeks ago we were at a park and it had no bathrooms. V, naturally, had to poop while we were there. So we stripped her down and she squatted and used the grass. I was actually impressed. She didn't hesitate or fuss. While I was helping her get dressed Theo stood up a ways off and started screaming and shaking his hands. I ran over to him and he had crawled through a fire ant hill! He was COVERED in them: ears, nose, toes, fingers, clothes. I had to strip him as quickly as I could and brush all the ants off of him, and his clothes and myself. (He had huge puss-filled welts all over his body and in between his fingers and toes for a week after that.) All the while, V was still naked and there was still a poop on the grass.

Around the same time as the fire ant adventure, I took the kids to Target and we were just roaming the aisles. I can't keep Theo in the small basket because the belt is a joke and I will turn around and he's wiggled himself out of it and is standing up laughing. So I put him in the big basket sometimes to give him more room to wiggle while appearing to be more safe. Vera loves the "special baskets" and always wants them so I'm usually maneuvering a semi-truck type basket around the store. On this occasion, we had a special basket and Theo was in the "big basket." He kept grabbing things off the shelves and pulling them down. At one point he grabbed onto a sweater with all his little monkey-fist strength. I stopped when I noticed and tried to move the basket over a little, he still didn't let go, this basket is enormous and I cant reach around it so I move it a little bit more to be able to grab him and as I grab the sweater to yank it out of his hands, he holds on for dear life and topples up, out, and over the basket and bounces on the floor right on top of his head. Some parts of parenting a boy are horrible. We cried and I was shaking and couldn't eat for the rest of the day. Horrible.