06 August 2017


"This is the BEST thing you've ever done for me. Ice cream and cookies all sugar for snack. Thank you so much. I just love you wow this is I just can't believe it. The BEST thing ever." I just can't tell if she's grateful for the surprise ice cream.
 2017 week thirty-one

Theodore didn't mind the ice cream either. 

During the summer we eat mostly vegetarian or fish-centered meals so it's nice periodically to have a bit of roast meat. I made Mimi Thorisson's poulet chasseur but added parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. So naturally I had to rename it Scarborough Faire chicken. You're welcome for that song stuck in your head all day. 

Vera ran in from outside shouting something mostly incoherent. When I followed her I understood her to be saying, "Mama! A fairy ring is stuck in a spiders web!" 

It was one of the prettiest spider webs we've seen in our yard yet. When we walked away from it Vera said, "Do you think the spider stole the fairy ring from a fairy to decorate her web?" Excuse me, are you a little Anne of Green Gables, sweet one? I nearly melted at the delight in her voice. 

Matthew surprised us all with an impromptu Family Ice Cream Night at Braums. He pretended we had a boring errand and that the car took control and drove us to Braums instead. Vera wasn't sure if she believed him. But she was certainly happy to have the ice cream. 

"Look! My surf board can touch the ceiling!" She begged for me to get down her long-sleeved white shirt. And even though it's hovered near 100 degrees outside, she hasn't taken it off in three days. 

They sat here popping bubbles for nearly 15 minutes. It didn't get old for them. 


"Oh when you were loud my legs shook in fear!"

When Theodore was falling asleep for nap I heard him mumbling, "cake...*mumble mumble* cake..."

Me- "Get out of here please."
V- "Why?"
Me- "I don't want to help you put on a costume while I'm having diarrhea."

"I want to be a baby ostrich but I have too many more toes than an ostrich."

V- "I can't find the rest of my money. It's all in the washing machine thing?"
Me- "Are you trying to tell me that you are laundering money?"
V- "Yes. No. I don't want to tell you that."

Theodore thinks it's a really funny joke to call me or Matthew, "Mapa."

V- "Theodore is my husband and he's 29 and I'm 6!"
Me- "That's a bad age difference."

"I'm so delighted that I get to listen to this!" She's turning out to be more and more like Anne every day. Mostly I'm delighted, but it can be tiresome.

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