30 July 2017


I got to snuggle my new tiny little niece this week. She was so soft and squishy. 

2017 week thirty

Matthew always finds funny comics to add to the letters he sends to his little brother. These Jesus-themed ones were really funny this last week.

Vera and her little friend dressed up. They were playing a game they called, "The Princess and the Peacock." It mostly involved running around and shouting very odd peacock noises. 

The last face the bug saw before he was trapped in this cup. My children are bug hunters -except for V with spiders. She had a run in with one and is particularly jumpy these days about bugs and unidentified objects lying around on the floor (like leaves and trash). 

Some lazy morning cat fishing. 

Poor Stormy has just had enough of all this attention. His hiding place wasn't very good though. 

My mother in law found this old ensemble hidden away in an old cedar trunk. I felt like I should have started singing, "I have confidence in confidence aloooooooone!"


Not a lot of quotes this week.  Most of our entertainment was of the furry four-legged variety. Theodore has stayed dry for two whole days! There has been a lot of fighting over who gets to wear which Moana top. (They are both just pieces of red fabric folded over and attached with elastic but people get really fussy over which piece they want) There has been a lot of fighting and time outs and crying and screaming and talking and hugging and trying to help everyone feel calmer. And Theodore who weighs a ton threw out my neck so I have been doing most of this directing and intercepting from the couch with an ice pack...

One quick little quote from V:

V- "I hate spaghetti-OH! Nope! I stopped myself I was going to say I hated spaghetti."
Me- "But you don't hate spaghetti."
V- "Well it's not fairable to me. Haha. Just Kidding that's just one of my jokes."

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