23 July 2017


Last Sunday at the lake with Aunt Mike and Uncle Mike. 
2017 week twenty-nine

The honeysuckle vine I planted is slowly taking over the fairy hut, and it bloomed just in time for the hot hot weather to shrivel the flowers. Next summer I hope it will completely cover it and just be dripping with sweet flowers.

Playing trains. 

Cute boy. 

My beautiful grandmother. Veronica is named after her. 

One evening a couple friends and I drove down to Grapevine for some dessert and catching up time before one of them moves away. The opera cake was spot on. 

100 degrees means I sit inside reading Harry Potter or Little House on the Prairie and imagine its cold. For the kids it means I lock them outside with the sprinkler. 

Everyone (Theodore and Veronica) is dressed like Moana from dawn until dusk -and sometimes even after that. 

Old photo of me on my first day of school. 

I asked Vera to fetch me my phone. She took at least a dozen selfies on the way back. 

I'm commiserating with Theo. He doesn't want the delicious food I made him -he only wants my grapes. 

Why? 1) Spiders don't have bones. They have exoskeletons. I feel like this is teaching false information. 2) Aren't spiders already halloween-y enough? 3) It's still July. 


I didn't write anything down this week! There was too much complaining and whining to sift through I guess... :)

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