16 July 2017


He might be everyone's favorite pool toy...

2017 week twenty-eight 

Vera and her friend had a "book club" during a play date. They read a book called "The Most Magnificent Thing." Then they each drew a picture of something that they invented that was the most magnificent thing.  Vera drew a picture of a sidewalk that goes around the whole world even over the ocean. Then she drew a picture of a person thinking about her idea. Very cute. 

Saturday mornings our kitchen counters are bursting. By Sunday morning almost a third of it is gone already. My kids (and husband) cant keep their hands off of the fresh fruit. 

Friday afternoon we spent a sweet few moments remembering a sweet family member who has passed. Her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are all better off having known her. 

At the Dallas National Cemetery.

What Theodore does after he's all fresh from a bath: raid sister's jewelry and chapstick stash. 

Bedtime book with Papa. 

We're watching another friend's cat. This one is much feistier than the last one. He is so lovable, but he yowled all night long so I put him outside the next night and he didn't come back for over 24 hours! I know he's strong and can fend for himself but I was worried about him in a strange neighborhood. The best I could have hoped for was that he recreated Homeward Bound. But then he returned to yowl some more and take over our bed. Stormageddon. You're a bit of a jerk. But I love your sweet face. 


"Thedore, your heart is named Vaca and mine is named Caca.  Wow, isn't that neat, I named our hearts! Those are our hearts names. Do you like them?" 

Referring to my tomato shaped pin cushion Theodore asked, "Ouch berry please?" It really sounds more like "ouch belleeee peeeeees."

Resolution management brought to you by two four-year-olds.
V -"When you firmly said you were going into the house you made me sad."
J -"I'm sorry."
J -"Yay! We're friends!"
V -"We'll ALWAYS be friends!"
Run to Mama to tell her how good you were and ask for praise.

Four-year-olds playing ponies together. "Let's BOTH be named Luna!"

"When I am big and someone tries to steal me I will be so strong I will whip them down and stomp on them and I'll wear poky shoes to stomp them! When I'm a mama I'll tell my husband to stay inside and watch my kids and I'll get my sword and go outside and fight the bad people!"

"I took a rest before we started making all this ruckus." 

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