09 July 2017


4th of July Bike Parade

Snow Cone! Children seem to be inexplicably drawn to "bubble gum" flavored things. I dont understand it.

One of Vera'a favorite little people. 

We went to the Flower Mound Independence day festival. Theodore was so excited to sit on the front of the fire engine. 
We waited in a very long line to get Papa to paint their faces -it's not special if he just does it at home. 

This guy was fun. He was magical to Vera. We left at the same time he did and we got to witness the shattering of the illusion as he disassembled his stilts. 

Vera's stack of drawings on the fridge was getting out of hand so I snapped a few photos of them before I recycled them. This is Scuttle, Flounder, Sebastian and Ariel. 

Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam, and King Triton.

A few days last week we had no duties or responsibilities so we went to park after park after park, errand after errand after errand. And everyone had a glorious time. 

Splash Pad park with some of the cousins. 

We got a coupon for a new local ice cream/coffee shop. We loaded up on our bikes one day after dinner and went on a little outing.

This weekend, I made Theo a little pair of short overalls. Sewing them was much easier than getting this boy to hold still for a couple photos of how cute he is in them. 


Theo (pantsless and outside)- "Yuck yuck yuck ehhh."
Me -"Oh no did you poop outside?"
Theo - "No."
Me - "Show me."
Theo - "Ok! Yuck yuck yuck!"
Yes, there was poop outside. It was in the sandbox. And on the ground, and on the shovel... Luckily the flies were really handy in pointing out where every last speck of poop was. I ushered Theo inside and called to Matt to wake up from his little nap on the couch to bathe Theodore because there was poop all over the place. I went back outside to clean it all up. When I came in there was no water running and Matt was back on the couch. He had been so asleep he didn't hear me say there was poop everywhere and he only wiped off Theo's hands and sent him on his way to play! So there are probably secret poop smudges in my house now. 

Vera - "Uhm. I don't think this was really the snack you wanted to make for me."
Me - "Oh really? You're right. I want to eat that snack now and you can have just your glass of water."
Vera -"Ok. I'll eat it. "

"Rrrrroooooarrr! There's a tiger in my panties!"

"Look Mama! Clean Dress. No jam."

"Mama, all those years me and Theodore and you and Jane were so lonely. And now a couple days ago and now we aren't lonely anymore." Hmmmm. What? 

Matthew's book is available for Pre Order! I'm so proud of him. He worked so hard for this. And his awesome book will be available around Thanksgiving this year. You can preorder  HERE

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