05 June 2017


When you are so messy you get cake in your pocket... 

 2017 week twenty-two

Dinner outside. Grilled zucchini, radicchio and red onions from our garden, steak pizzaiola and homemade focaccia. Vera got to make her own little pan of focaccia that she could not remember how to pronounce. She kept wanting to call it "manachos."  

Vera's favorite climbing tree. 

The first half of the week was hot enough to swim and then it rained and rained and rained and it was glorious. 

Other than the packaged ones, all of these tomatoes came from our garden this weekend. I love hearing my children's wide-eyed gasps over our tomatoes and beg for some at each meal. 

I started our yearly canning this weekend. I tried a new method I read about in Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Practical Pantry. It was easier and lovely, and I learned a bit more of the science of canning. Also based on her advice, that I usually feel like I'm above, I checked the seals and found that three failed! I always just took for granted that they would be properly sealed. Also we had so many large jars go to waste last year, I'm only ever canning 8oz jars of jam again. Strawberry, cherry, and blackberry jam complete. 

If lining up all my lovely jewel colored jars is the best part of canning, this photo displays the absolute worst part of canning. If I hadn't made this mess myself, it probably would have made me cry. 


"Nyhaooooo" How Theo says "No" with a squinty-eyed, dimple-cheeked smile when you ask him to do something, or when he's being silly and trying to tease you.

"Giraffey spikes" What Vera calls dirty spikes of fur on Frida or food-matted smudges of Theo's hair after meals.

Theodore trying to avoid the post-meal wipe down. 

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