29 May 2017


Each afternoon this week ended up looking something like this: outside, partly dressed, partly wet, partly grumpy

2017 week twenty-one

He just realized that while he was outside playing I started cooking dinner. He's angry because he would rather be crying in the kitchen stamping on my feet pushing me away from the counters. He doesn't understand that demanding to be held makes dinner take longer. 

Grilled pizza night. I love their abstract rustic shapes. 

Playing turtle. The hair bow clipped to her panties is her "tiny little turtle tail" obviously. 

Drawing with Papa. 

Our first set of onions dried properly so we fashioned their braided tops as a little crown for my naked garden fairy. 

Theodore prefers to ride his bike using his Bo (bear) as a cushion.

Outside on the stray cloudy morning this past week. 

One day Vera wanted to be a "Ballerina Girl." She had very specific requirements for her outfit and her hair. 

Dinner outside. Eggs en cocotte with peppers and proscuitto, grilled corn and fresh baguette. 

Snack time in the fairy house. 

Cleaning up after Vera can be fascinating. Here I stumbled upon a very private and secret meeting of our lego men. 

"I think white and brown-like-human-skin are really pretty colors."

"I'm not scared of monsters in the back of the house when I'm with Theodore because he eats all the monsters like HyAHM hyAHM!"

Matthew -"You're looking very fashionable today."
V- "I had two diarrheas and needed to take medicine."
Matthew -"That's not really a response to what I said."

V singing something nonsensical.
Me- "What song is that?"
V- "It's from Giraffeys favorite princess movie called Ampa."
Me - "Oh."

V has been very concerned with if other people will like her dress or think she is beautiful or if we think she is beautiful. We're trying to redirect this.
Me - "What do you do that makes you beautiful?"
V -"Try to be kind."
Me -"What do I do that makes me beautiful?"
V -"Try not to spank."

Theo -"Bo" bear "UUUUUUUUUUUUUH" the sound a bug makes "Car"

If you pick Theodore up out of a dead sleep he will hastily look around and find a car in the room or outside and say "CAR"

"Can I climb up you as fast as a turtle can when they're like ducks and trying to run away from crocodiles and bears and hyenas? Oh and horses and bears? And wolves and crocodiles? Like a turtle?"
V speaks in hasty half nonsense sentences all day phrasing comments as questions (that do not need to be questions) and will be frustrated if you dont respond to her like it's a proper question. All day. Some days she has timeouts from speaking. In many ways she is my little Anne Shirley. 

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  1. I feel I am missing out on so much great stuff! And I am right here in town! This sounds like a fun week. Give me a call so we can get together!