11 June 2017


This little goblin is having a frustrating go at learning how to propel herself on the swing. I told her the day she turns 5 no one will push her again so she'd better start actually trying to learn, not just pouty kicking when I try to explain it to her...
2017 week twenty-three

Italian-style grown up "beanie-weenies" for dinner. One of our Monday night bean dinner staples. 

We've been experimenting with the baguette recipe from Great British Bake Off. Vera helped me one day and was so proud to knead and roll out her own baguette. 

Late spring mornings in the garden -as seen by Matthew spying on us from the house. 

Pool goblin. 

Navigating the finer points of ramen, part one. 

part two. 

Chubby toes and noodle piles. 

Theo is almost 20 months these days and has started to understand the feeling of needing to use the bathroom. Almost immediately, he learned how to manipulate us into letting him inside or out of his bed with urgent cries of "Pee! Pee!" 

Beignets for snack.


"Mama, I'm a little kid cat. And my little kid cat name is Lisa Macourt." 

"OHKA! OHKA!" Theodore doesn't say "yes" he says a garbled up "OK" instead.

Matt and I are inside enjoying a cup of tea together during the kids outside-play-time. We suddenly hear Vera scream an almighty bellow. We thought for sure she smashed her finger in the woodpile or got stung by a wasp. I rush outside.
Me "What is wrong?! Are you hurt?!"
V "No!" sobbing "There is a creature and I am so scared!"
Me "What kind of creature? Did it get you?"
V still scream sobbing "No it jumped at me and I am so scared."
Me "Where is it?"
I go over by her kitchen and a fat lazy toad is sitting by the wall behind her kitchen. Apparently it jumped out of the woodpile and hopped away across her path behind her kitchen. She was really really frightened. So Matthew and I playfully teased her about toads coming to get her for the rest of the day. 

Like I mentioned above, we've been experimenting with a new baguette recipe which means we OUGHT to have a lot of bread lying about. However, Matthew eats it almost as quickly as I can bake any.
Me "I think you have a baguette problem."
Matthew "I don't. They are delicious, fresh and cheap. Three of the best defining characteristics I share with them." 

Every day I send my kids outside for at least an hour after snack time. Sometimes they are very grumbly about it.
V "I am bored I have nothing to do!" 
Me "You may not use that word. Bored is a very ungrateful, poor-attitude word."
V "Fine. I am Miserable. I have nothing to do."

V "Theodore, what's your name?"
T "ME!"
Me "Theodore, say THEO."

When V was little she would look at photos of herself and say, "You" when Theodore looks at photos of himself he says, "Me." I think it's very interesting. 

V "When I am big can I have three babies?"
Me "If you want to."
V "Yah, probably I can ask my husband for three of his seeds so I can have three babies. He will probably say yes, or no. Then I will name them Fala, Dala, and Mala, so their names will be easy to remember."
5 minutes later
V "Or I can just name them when I grow up."

V *buuuuuuuurp* "High five!"
Me "Try again."
V "Excuse me burp."

"Excuse me burp, you're in my way! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

"Look at me! I'm lighting up the night!"

"That was the first real time one of my dreams came true! Isn't that e-mazing?" 

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  1. I'm reading this at midnight in bed and had to stifle giggles several times. Very sweet!