19 June 2017


Grilled salmon and potato salad 

Harassing Gus the cat. Despite the "stress shedding" we miss our guest cat. 

In order to play "wolves" properly, one must be naked and have shoes on ones feet and hands. 

Helping me cook dinner. 

Saturday morning waffles. Theo always requests a bow in his hair to match his sister. 

When pool time abruptly turns into mud time. 

Snack outside.

Early summer in our backyard. 

I love the shade so much, but also resent it. It certainly makes it difficult to have a productive garden. 

I finally discovered a good blend of plants that work rather well in our too hot too clay-filled front yard soil: Mediterranean plants. For the first time we have enough sage to just grab a handful to use instead of calculatingly plucking leaves one or two at a time to preserve the plant. I love it. 

Fathers Day breakfast: biscuits and gravy, coffee and construction paper cards. Theo was trying to say letter sounds as he scribbled along side Vera. 

Sunday morning at the park and in the woods. 

Happy Father's Day to Matthew a truly fantastic father and an example to our whole family. 


V “I don’t have any rest.”
Me “You need to take a rest.”
V “But no! I don’t have any rest in my heart.” Watching Anne of Green Gables is having its effect on Vera.

V “My heart is broken!”
Me “Do you know what that means?”
V “Does it mean the muscles are just snapped in half?”

Theodore “knee” = “owie” This started because he got his first scrape that bled on his knee. He kept pointing to it, and we would say, “Oh your knee? Does your knee hurt?” Now anything that resembles an injury (including zits on my face) he will gently touch it and sadly say, “Knee.”

“This fairy wants a gun to shoot bad animals who want to eat her. This wand shoots fire and lights the animals on fire.”

“HEY! I didn’t like that you stinky buddy!” Vera was mad at Theodore for taking some toy of hers.

Frequently we’ll hear Vera scream angrily and look outside to see Theodore running away as fast as his strong little legs could carry him with a toy clutched in his hand and a huge grin on his face.

“I’m being a cubby bear!” bear cub

“Wow, I saw that woman’s huge nipples! She must have huge nipples because she’s a mama.” She could not see anyones nipples, she saw a woman with large breasts and a tight shirt.

“Will I have to put my hand in the drink to get the toy?” Vera was confused about how a toy would “be inside” her first ever happy meal.

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